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VA - Lotus Seed

Physical Release = 2008.09.19

# DHCD001

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Digital Release = 2011.09.19


DHCD001 VA - Lotus Seed 2008 banner Dharmaharmony Records


As the lotus unfolds, like our future, the possibilities are endless. This is a compilation grown from years of underground connections, striving towards a global community. Lotus Seed gives us a glimpse into the magical worlds of sound being created by artists in the US and beyond, all connected by a single purpose, to create mind-bending dance-floor blasting sounds to keep us moving and amazed. your mind on a journey from the jungle floor to the distant realms of space. 


All tracks Mixed and Mastered by Kri @ Audiovalve.org

Audiovalve.org Mastering


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Track by Track Review

01. Electrypnose – Bakund
Vince likes to start off compilations, and normally he does so in a way that makes the other artists sound better, as his productions are off the hook and always growing. This one in particular piques my interest since it is a bit slower and brings a relaxed vibration. A warm chimey story is created which leads into a pulsing and epic tale, showcasing the advanced productions of Electrypnose.  A ripe for the picking twilight/morning tune to keep hands in the air! Nothing less than the best from our friend in Switzerland!

02. Z-Cat – Nice Connection
Z-cat shows us how to shift into overdrive, with a fresh and kicking squidgy tune full of quirks. She is a new artist to my mind, and I am very interested by the raw style she uses, which incorporates her warm female chant through the motherboard meltdown to keep the girls on the dance-floor, very important ;)  A freestyle rolling night tune to keep the floor flattened for sure.

03. Ocelot – Slob Tshan Gchig
Ocelot is likely one of the top several psytrance producers as far as his release list shows. This track reminds me of the massive track released on ALIEN FM 2, "Whirligig" but this is one notch down from that, more accessable, playable to help the party blow up instead of fueling the meltdown. One thing I always like about Ocelot is that his personal edge is always apparent, showcasing his production skill but never losing the sense of humour and exploratory nature of the soul of the artist. His tracks are beyond words, so many details flying past, you are transported... up and away!

04. Dragon – Gravitron
Dj Dragon has been the cornerstone of psytrance in the deep-south for years. One of the primary voices and leaders of the pack down there, he’s been putting so much energy into his production, you can feel it. Last time I heard him play he was sending out some sonar scan frequency, bouncing off the people, the earth, and it was all in slow motion... blew the place to atoms and reassembled it. Like a fractalizing music box wound too tight, unwinding gracefully.

05. Elis_Dee and Shapestatic9teen90nine
The duo of Shapestatic has shown their trademark style over many well received livesets across North America and through their debut release, "Metaphim" on Gaian Mind Records-- A release that covers the history of Goa and the future of music, a timestamp on the potential of the genre. This release finds them working with longtime TOUCH Samadhi DJ Psyonic, a character in the southeastern underground with a production style all his own.  Their classic tune style has been twisted and has a large acid melting quality through the middle, and yet still retains the level of space that we have come to expect from them.  Keeping the mind fully engaged, hairs on end, and feet moving!

06. Parus – 5-VEK
The Brothers Parus have had some seriously deep tracks released, and I’ve been enjoying the progress. This track follows suit with some of the favorites on Auraquake; a deeper, more spacious tune.  Percolating sounds populate the soundspace, the driving bassline and clockwork sounds make it a churning, mysterious and swampy puzzle. As it is being solved , you notice the frequencies begin to rise, then later, mutate and distort reality, sending the listener through a sonic wringer, showing the depth and character of the artists. keeps the flowing going fo sho...

07. Pondscum – Gumboot
Deep in the murky swamp we go! As I had hoped for this first Pondscum release in many moons. Again we see that down under the laboratory of the scum dude has been mutating and lumping along for a nice go. a nice goo even.  Proper stompytime gated acid tales with nice delays unfolding as you’re checking your pockets, feeling wobbly, and letting the grooves move you. He has stayed true to his style and thats so valuable these days. Nice and reliable solid track!

08. Mubali – Stranded in Candyland
Mubali has fully established himself and his maniac style across the planet. His album release and subsequent tsunami of singles has proven that he is a man with a message. That message is swiftly moving bass, percolating, full spectrum sounds. Another winner from our man Mubali!

09. Ghreg On Earth – Solstinox
GoE has been melting minds for years, a slowly evolving and ever intensifying project that always shows us the horizon of the mind. With worldwide touring and many many releases, he has built a massive pyramid of work. This being one of the outside, higher level bricks. Like a wicked automated machine, his music delivers some sort of futuristic messages, showing us the full reaches of the mind. I’m feeling a bit like going outside now!  These sounds, and all the others here beg to be played loud under our star, or all the others, depending on what time of day!


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