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Annunaki - From Nibiru

Physical Release = 2010.11.05

# DHCD004

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DHCD004 Annunaki - From Nibiru Dharmaharmony Records 2010


Dharmaharmony presents the debut album from Annunaki, a new trance project representing the unique sound of the Southeastern United States. Originating from the mountains of western North Carolina, Annunaki are Christopher "Kri" Johnson and Alex "Fuzz" Marano - veteran DJs and producers whose T.O.U.C.H. Samadhi collective has established a vital underground trance scene in southern Appalachia for more than a decade. Having experienced many shifts in the evolution of the global trance community, they have combined diverse influences from past and present, fusing dramatic Goa trance harmonies with heavy psytrance beats. Tested and refined on the legendary lands of Deerfields, NC, "From Nibiru" represents the culmination of those experiences as a reflection on the past and expectations of the future.

Beginning with the expansive "Illuminated Ones," the album quickly detours into the heavier, darker territory of "3600 Years on Earth," then the classic acid-funk sound of "Blue Lights" and the spaced-out expedition of "Concade." "Signal Distant" and "Planet X" combine brooding rhythms with soaring Goa melodies, and "Antikythera Mechanism" and "Sumerian Technology" portray a sonic journey to alien worlds before the album winds down with the deep, slow-motion dub groove of "Antikythera Mechanism (Herbivore remix)." Inspired by history, science fiction, conspiracy theory, and Goa trance vibes, and joining the ancient past with the distant future, this album transports the listener across time and space at home as well as on the dancefloor.


All tracks written and produced by Christopher "Kri" Johnson and Alexander "Fuzz" Marano

Antikythera Mechanism remix by Michael Love

All tracks Mixed and Mastered by Kri @ Audiovalve.org

Audiovalve.org Mastering


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Track by Track Review

01. Illuminated Ones
Bearing the most heavy goa influence, Illuminated Ones sets the beginning of the album's journey.  Riding currents of interweaving melodies, the track lifts the listener up from the subharmonics of newer psytrance sounds through a nostalgic tapestry of more ancient frequencies.  Lush reverbs and swells carry throughout as the energy in the track builds in theme and power until, like a wave on the shore, it peaks and breaks to the resolution, not of the end, but the beginning.

02. 3600 Years On Earth
Before recorded history and time, the ancients came to our planet to sow the seeds of the future.  3600 Years On Earth marks this time in spirit and energy.  Loosening from melody-rich soundscapes, this track explores a more open space with sound effects and percussion, inviting more modern-sounding leads from psytrance before delving back into classic synthesizer audio phenomena.

03. Blue Lights
Are they gods or aliens?  Myth or reality?  With a rolling bassline and playful melodic interplay, a chapter of interaction between the Illuminated Ones and humanity is begun in Blue Lights.  Whether they are benevolent or something more sinister remains to be seen in the hidden patterns and layers. 

04. Concade
Breaking from the playful nature of "Blue Lights", "Concade" turns the page from "Blue Lights." Darker times ensue despite continued melodic emphasis, and a lack of tonal resolution stokes the tension until the middle of the track, where atonal forces rend the listener through a gauntlet of synthesis and hammering percussion.  Yet through the darkness the familiar
vibrations of harmony return to carry the listener to the end of the track.

05. Signal Distant
A companion track to "Concade" and "Blue Lights", "Signal Distant" merges the playful and darker nature of the two.  Balancing melodic and atonal leads, Signal Distant meshes crisp filter modulations with themes and development building to a driving ending.  Again the question remains: what are their intentions?  Good?  Evil?  Something else?

06. Planet X
In Planet X the final chapter of the album is begun.  Returning to rich Goa influence, "Planet X" paints a portrait of alien skies and lands, yet familiar.  A driving psytrance-style kick and bass propel the track through the harmonies, new and old, immersing them in full soundscape.

07. Antikythera Mechanism
Remnents of our aliens ancestry are still evident in unexplained ancient technology, including the Antikythera Mechanism.  In "Antikythera Mechanism" the Annunaki deliver sneaky explorations of mystery, alchemy, and the inexplicable.  Alluding to the playfulness of "Blue Lights", this track tailors careful percussion and melodic interplay, developing into a dramatic conclusion.

08. Sumerian Technology
In the final track of the album, Sumerian Technology, the listener catches a glimpse of the final mature Annunaki sound.  Solid subsonic basslines, driving percussion, growling atonal leads, and lifting percussion merge to a track that seems deceptively faster than it's true BPM. 

09. Antikythera Mechanism (Herbivore Dub Remix)

In a contrasting perspective of Antikythera Mechanism, Herbivore's Dub remix slows down our history lesson, taking the passage of time at a more conscious and deliberate pace.  This mix draws on classic dub sounds with a fusion of the leads and themes of the initial Annunaki tale.  Deep reverbs, echos, and reworked FX build a lush psychedelic tapestry that fleshes out the story of the original version.

Copyright © Dharmaharmony, LLC & Dharmaharmony, Ltd. (UK) 2007-2010

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