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dhcd001 va - lotus seed 2008 dharmaharmony records DHCD004 Dharmaharmony Records Annunaki - From Nibiru


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Shapestatic - Metaphim

Shapestatic - Metaphim




As he comes across quiet and somewhat reserved in person, one would not, at first, realize that Kri is on a mission, a serious quest to bring Psychedelic Trance music to the people, and to bring the people to a state of enlightenment in the process. Caught up in the party scene of the 90's and gaining a reputation for his skills in mixing breakbeat and scratching, Kri left it all behind to pursue full-time the haunting promise Goa trance laid out for him. Now, he has single handedly created a devoght after in places all over the country, and I'll venture a reason why.

To listen to Kri play is to remember our legacy as spiritual beings with tumultuous desires, with an innate need to and fulfilling existence on a planet that survives.
Heavy? Yeah, but so is the Psychedelic Goa Trance experience, and heavier still is a night filled with Kri's driving tracks, his momentum slowly building like a panther's body tensing each muscle till its time to strike its prey, and then, you're a goner.


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T.O.U.C.H. samadhi

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dj kri dharmaharmony records


DHCD004 Annunaki - From Nibiru 2010 Dharmaharmony Records

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