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[Preceding story: Before reaching enlightenment, the Buddha was born as Prince Visvantara, who, despite facing many challenges and adversity, brought all of his heart and courage to bear against a single enemy---human suffering.]

In giving we not only find wealth while in cyclic existence but we achieve the zenith of prosperity in supreme enlightenment. Therefore we all have to practice giving. A Bodhisattva's giving is not just overcoming miserliness and being generous to others; a pure wish to give is cultivated, and through developing more and more intimacy with it, such giving is enhanced infinitely. Therefore it is essential to have the firm mind of enlightenment rooted in great love and compassion and, from the depths of one's heart, to either give one's body, wealth and virtues literally to sentient beings as infinite as space, or to dedicate one's body, wealth and virtues for them while striving in all possible ways to enhance the wish to give infinitely. As mentioned in Engaging in Bodhisattva Activities and in The Precious Garland, we should literally give material help to the poor and needy, give teaching to others, and give protection to them, even the small insects, as much as we can. In the case of things which we are not able to part with, we should cultivate the wish to give them away and develop more and more intimacy with that wish.

--from Generous Wisdom: Commentaries by H.H. the Dalai Lama XIV on the Jatakamala translated by Tenzin Dorjee edited by Dexter Roberts


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om Tibetan Buddhism

ah Resourceful Links for Learning about Buddhism:

hung Buddhanet.net --- Whether you're browsing through the Dharma audio teachings, E-book library, looking for the closest Buddhist Center in your part of the world, or need insight on your meditation techniques, this is the resource!

hung The Tibetan Buddhist Resource Center --- Browse through their extensive digital libary of Tibetan scripts and their vast knowledge base.

hung The Buddhist Gateway --- This gateway will provide you with a library of essays, sacred texts, and audio/video excerpts. In addition, connect with like-minded people through their electronic community!

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ahOfficial Links

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His Holiness The Dalai Lama The 14th

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ahLineages --- There are many, many forms of Buddhism that has spread across the world over the past 2,500 years. These are the the four major Tibetan Lineages:

hung Karma Triyana Dharmachakra - (Kagyu)

hungPalyul Nyingma Buddhist Centers

hungDzogchen Lineage

hungSakyapa Lineage

ahTibetan Shops

hungSnow Lion Publications --- This publications group sells more than just books! You can find everything from Tibetan malas, beautiful Thangkas, audio teachings, statues, Tsa Tsa's, and so much more!

hungTibetan Mala --- Created by Sakura Designs, As the name implies, they specialize in selling some of the most exquisite malas i have ever seen. They also do amazing custom work!

hungDharma Shop --- Wow! These guys have everything from books, fabrics, carpets, malas, jewelry, incence, statues, singing bowls....the list goes on!

hungDharmaWare --- Over the past 30 years, Dharmaware has developed an extensive network of suppliers, including the finest craftspeople, from the southern coast of India to the Tibetan plataue. They offer a lot of products!

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