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Ghreg on Earth


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Since the late 1980s, Ghreg On Earth has woven a unique musical vision as DJ, A&R manager and Producer. His dedication and passion for an intelligent, gritty and moody musical journey, has forged a sound that is known for it’s timeless cinematic spaces that push the trance medium far beyond its formula parameters. Meshing, Blurring and Slurring wildly diverse stylistic elements into trance dancefloor alchemy, his sound has become synonymous with adventure in the unpredictable peak of sonic apotheosis.

Ghreg’s debut full length album, Sigilweaver, stunned and lit afire the trance world with its release in Winter of 2005. It represents a new benchmark in sound exploration that continues to awe listeners and dancers hungry for a timeless journey through the outer regions and inner alcoves of deep nighttime soundscapes.

Ghreg On Earth currently resides on the West Coast of North America (Earth) where he continues to create electronic music without boundaries…. taking the next steps into futuristic mythologies that conjure the sonic imagination of tomorrow.


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