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Dharmaharmony Records is based in New Orleans, LA, USA. The record label started simply as a concept following the destruction of the city by Hurricane Katrina. It took nearly 2 years for us to rebuild our studio, our lives, and some sense of normality. However, we realized that even now, there’s many unfortunate people (including our beloved New Orleans musicians) still living without homes, employment, and any sense of comfort in their own city who need the world’s help. From here we followed our hearts and expanded our visions. After fusing those visions with Tibetan Buddhism, we looked beyond and saw the amazing potential to spread our hearts and messages to audiences worldwide. As this path is much larger than ourselves, we brought in a long-time friend dj Dragon. He has been in the USA scene for what seems like eons, and between the both of us we hold over 22 years of combined music experience. Through this experience and a large network of global support we aim to provide the audience with our message of quality and originality with every release. In addition, each release will simultaneously be beneficial to dj’s and trance-lovers alike. From all regions we will travel through the infinite genres of trance and beyond. In the future we plan to give back to those who are less unfortunate around the world.

Om Mani Padme Hung

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