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Yana was born in 1984, Moscow. Her psytrance journey began in 2003.

Her first works were collaborations with Vishnevskiy Maxim (G-Light). One day, Maxim suggested to use her vocals in one of his tracks, entitled "I've Just Been Born" and released the track on the Israeli label, Doof Records.

With Z-Cat now born, further production and energy was directed towards preparing material for an album with G-Light. Afterwards, she began to focus on writing new music for her own solo project, combining twisted rigid rhythms and a thin layer of vocals. Interweaving endearing ideas and small stories into her tracks, you can always expect hint of playfulness and quality production from her!

Between 2005 and 2007 she was the resident of one of the biggest russsian promotion groups, Synthetic Dreams and wrote a special track in honor of the group. In Autumn 2007 she joined one of the leading russian promotion groups of Moscow, T.L.N. Promotion.

After releasing several tracks for compilations, she released her EP "Awaken Stories" with the Portugese record label Ultravision.

She's played at numerous capital clubs, open airs and festivals around Russia and Worldwide. During her act, Z-Cat uses light and laser performances!



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